How can you support One Moon Studio?

One Moon Studio is an umbrella program of Whidbey Island Arts Council, a 501C3, not-for-profit organization.

This means that contributions to One Moon Studio are


Financial contributions go toward paying our featured musicians and artists, promotion, paying for video production services, and all other operating expense reimbursements. Our goal is to have no one work for free. Art and the production of artistic programs should be properly supported. Would you do your job for free? No. No one involved in the arts should either.

To make a one time, or monthly recurring, donation

to One Moon Studio now, please click here:

We also have a Patreon page for those

who would like to offer monthly support.

Patreon Patrons also receive special 

gifts and perks. Click the button to see.

How can you help other than with money?

Social Media and word of mouth: This is so very important. Social Media works best as a grassroots movement, in other words, with your help. Tell people you know about us. Follow our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Follow us on Instagram. This will help our artists gain additional exposure. It will help us gain the attention of music venues when they reopen. It will help us find business sponsors to support our work. It's a numbers game. Please help us out! 

Next... share, share, share some more. The more people that share our social media posts, the faster we can grow our audience.

Then please support our musicians in the same way. Start with our founding partner Andre Feriante. Like his Page, follow him on Instagram, subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can do the same with Shawn Berit. Please do the same for any of our artists that you enjoyed. It all helps!

Would you like to offer your services?

We are certainly looking for people who would like to be part of our mission. We are open to all ideas, but specifically, we could use help from:

  • Experienced Grant Writers

  • Social Circle Influencers to help find major patrons

    • Wealth Circle advocates​

    • Business Sponsor advocates

  • Sales Reps for finding business sponsors

  • Experienced Social Media marketer/influencer

  • Office Manager with nonprofit and tax experience

  • Event volunteers (at a future date)

Are there things you need?

Yes! Perhaps you'd like to donate:

Office / Video Studio space

  • We are seeking a location on Whidbey Island that can be used as office space and room for a video production studio.

  • We do need a location with strong internet for live streaming

  • If you would like to pledge support to cover the rent, there are spaces between $1,000 to $2,000 per month available.

  • Check with your tax professional to clarify the tax deductible nature of in-kind donation of a rental space. 



We plan to take One Moon Studio on the road too, meeting musicians where they live for live audience and live-stream concerts. We can create much better videos in person. For that we'll need:

  • A touring van 

  • Fuel money

  • Hotel room stays for our team

  • Airfare to other countries for our team

Social Club memberships for both Andre and Shawn to connect with potential patrons.

Are you interested in corporate sponsorships?

Absolutely. In exchange, we can provide promotional opportunities for the business. Sponsors do need to fit with the mission of One Moon Studio. 

Potential examples:

  • An Airline 

  • A Computer or Software company

  • Clothing Line

  • An Automobile Company

  • Hotel Chain

  • Music Store

  • Tourism Office

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • etc....

Are you interested in becoming an independent nonprofit?

For now we are so incredibly grateful to be a part of the Whidbey Island Arts Council. However, as we eventually grow enough, it would make sense to become our own nonprofit organization. For this, we will need help from a team of experienced people and lawyers who know how to set this up. 

Ultimately it would be amazing to grow One Moon Studio into an organization that lasts far into the future, helping generations of artists.