One Moon Studio is dedicated to bringing world-class musicians, artists, and authors from around the world to you and the rest of the world. This a place to enjoy the familiar and also experience something new.

From our home base on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington state's Puget Sound, One Moon Studio will lend its spotlight, mostly, to solo instrumental musicians, visual artists, and authors, who are creating in a wide variety of genres and styles. We will share them with you through concerts, interview shows, and more. Our long term goal is to create travel shows where we will meet creatives in their home countries and learn about their lives along with their art. 

Genres and styles will be as varied as there are cultures on Earth. 


Our larger goal is to bring people together through music and the arts and to work with creatives who share that ideology. When these bridges are built, people can see how similar we all are. With that, understanding, and a more peaceful world, can begin. 

Everyone on Earth, regardless of nation, culture, ethnicity, religion... everyone lives under One Moon.


World Peace is often called a lofty, impossible goal. Isn't it worth a try though? As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Come walk with us.  


Before anything else, we are seeking like-minded individuals with a heart for bringing more unity to the world and leaving the world a better place in our wake. Every step we can take toward a more peaceful world is an important step.


We strive to work with those who share our vision of bringing people together in a spirit of open-minded discovery, mutual appreciation, a willingness to learn about other people, arts, and cultures, and a desire to build bridges of friendship. We believe that our differences are not barriers, but rather advantages and opportunities to learn and grow.

All art is related. Musicians, visual artists, and authors all find inspiration in the other arts. The painter listens to music in the studio. The author is inspired by a painting or song. The musician is moved by a poem, a story, a painting or a sculpture. All art interacts with all art. This is why we will have a broader focus on the arts. 

Instrumental Music is a universal language that can bridge cultural barriers without the need for a common spoken or written language. Much of our focus will be there. Visual Arts are similarly universal and we will celebrate these creations. Literary Arts bring ideas to the page and are an essential part of human communication, so we will explore that too. 

Politics, business, economics, ideologies all come and go with history. The arts endure! The arts can change hearts and the world. 

Let's see if we can change the world for the better, one heart at a time.


One Moon Studio is the brainchild of artists. 

Andre Feriante

Andre Feriante is an internationally known multi-instrumentalist and composer with a distinguished 40 year career. He is also a published poet, a painter, and a photographer. A Segovia trained classical guitarist, he has expanded his playing to focus on his own compositions and to include a variety of the ancestors and relatives of the guitar. He plays in the genres of flamenco, classical, and world.

Andre’s world view is one of hope, love, and empathy.

He hopes the passionate and reflective qualities in his songs will bring listeners inward to discover the similarities among humans, creating more peace and ease in the world.

In 2015, this world view coupled with a desire to introduce people to a wide variety of music led to the creation of a guitar festival in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Guitar Euphoria, which evolved into the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival, was conceptualized as a way to bring musicians of a variety of genres to the same stage. In this way, jazz fans would hear the classical guitar. Classical fans would hear blues. Blues fans would hear world music, and so on. It was a way to bring people of different backgrounds together to enjoy music.

In 2016 Andre moved to Whidbey Island, Washington state, USA. 

Shawn Berit

Shawn Berit is a graphic artist, videographer, photographer, fiction and non-fiction writer, and painter. Also a musician, Shawn was a lead vocalist in a few bands of the northern plains for 30 years. Professionally he's worked in public communications since 1988. This has included radio broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and public information.

In 2015, working with a small group in South Dakota, Shawn started the early stages of a nonprofit whose goal was to show people the common ground between all humans in an effort to build bridges of understanding and friendship. Tentatively called One Big Boat, the organization planned to use music, through concerts and videos, as the common ground between all cultures in an effort to bring people of seemingly different backgrounds together. The message was that all people have so much more in common than different. Yet, what differences do exist are actually opportunities to share culture, art, food, clothing styles, architecture, literature, philosophy,

and yes... music. 

In 2016 he moved to Whidbey Island, Washington, USA.


On January 27, 2017, Shawn and Andre met for the first time while Shawn was interviewing Andre for an article he was writing for Whidbey Life Magazine. The following night, Shawn attended one of Andre's salon concerts where afterward they discussed poster design and promotion.


That was the start of their friendship and business partnership that saw them working together on a variety of projects and concerts and eventually the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival

Large changes in the music industry followed by the Covid Pandemic of 2020 - 2021 inadvertently spurred the creation of One Moon Studio. Live concerts were canceled all around the world, including all of Andre's. The 2020 Whidbey Island Guitar Festival was another casualty. This forced Andre and Shawn to begin their navigation of this new reality.

Shawn added to his video production equipment and started working out a live stream plan with Andre. This evolved into discussions about bringing the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival to the internet. Andre saw the opportunity to bring in musicians all over the world through live stream video. Shawn saw the opportunity to bring in his vision and goals from One Big Boat which fit perfectly with Andre's vision and goals for his guitar festivals. 

Suddenly they had the idea for a digital venue where people from anywhere on planet Earth could play music for people anywhere on planet Earth. It would focus on the same multi-genre instrumental soloists that the guitar festivals had, with the addition of connecting with artists in other parts of the world. It was also a natural fit with Shawn's multicultural-focused personal mission of bringing people together. 

One Moon Studio was born. 

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